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Moving Kitchen is a tool available to every chef to demonstrate their talents by cooking in front of the customers. This line of products adds value to the catering business, when it comes to providing quality service within environments that require great flexibility, speed, and freedom of movement. The Moving Kitchen line was created precisely to meet the growing demand for flexibility, since it consists of mobile equipment for storing, preparing, cooking, and distributing food and drinks.



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Show Cooking Plus

Show Cooking PLUS combines the flexibility of a compact cooking station with the convenience to have fresh products within reach, this thanks to two refrigerated G/N drawers on the side.
Easy moving by means of swivel castors (two fitted with brakes), allows the cooking station to be positioned in the exact location you require.
The unit offers a side working top that can be used as additional preparation space or as a display for plates or even food products.
Show Cooking PLUS can be personalized by applying any material or logo signage to the external panels of the structure, panels can be specified with different colors as an optional extra.

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Show Cooking


Show Cooking is the ideal solution for cooking tasty, quick meals, in sight and in a healthy and appetizing way. A suggestive island that can animate also enclosed environments, thanks to its ability to extract and clean the air from grease and odors.

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Show Pasta


A traditional dish like pasta served immediately. Thanks to the integrated pasta cooker and induction equipment supplied on demand, Show Pastacan do all this. And the air-comfort system will allow you to do it everywhere. Today the time factor greatly influences our choices, Show Pasta is the answer.

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Show Food


Keeping cooked food in perfect condition is crucial to the quality of the dishes that will be served. Show Food is the devices in the Moving Kitchen line that will help you do this, thanks to its tank capable of holding 4 GN 1/1 trays. Show Food is mobile and requires only the electrical connection.

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Show cold


To stock up your Moving Kitchen, the line includes a refrigerated table on wheels to keep your food cool and make the necessary preparations on the countertop.

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Show drink


Show Drink is the device in the Moving Kitchen line for the distribution of beverages. With its instant cooler you can serve your drinks at the right temperature. Show Drink can store kegs and serve up to two different drinks. Different configurations on request.

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